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Sale price¥12,650
SIZE: W410mm x H175mm x D70mm WEIGHT: 300g MADE IN JAPAN
WAIST BAG Sale price¥12,650

Easy-to-use small waist bag

The first waist bag in the GOODMANS series. We aimed to reduce the stress when opening and closing as much as possible by designing it assuming that it will be mainly used in cross hanging.

Asymmetrical design that follows the body

The pattern has been revised and monitored many times so that it fits perfectly on the body when worn crosswise. The inner fabric that touches the body is mesh, so it won't get stuffy even in summer. The front pocket zipper is installed in the opposite direction to the original opening direction so that it can be used smoothly while wearing it.

Compact yet ample storage

Although it has a compact size, it has a main compartment, a large front pocket, and a small side pocket suitable for storing keys, etc., and a total of 3 compartments. You can decide the location and store luggage of various sizes.

The main material, varistor nylon, is one of the world's best domestically produced nylons, and has high durability in terms of tear strength and abrasion resistance.

The sub-pocket can hold a smartphone, coin purse, etc.

The main pocket has a double zipper, so you can store slightly larger items such as an iPad mini.

There are also small pockets on the sides of the bag.

Convenient for storing keys, earphones, etc.


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Name withheld by request

・Good place It's okay to get a little wet. WAIST BAG is where there is a small pocket for keys. The size of the zipper is just right, and it doesn't hurt your hand even if you hit it.
・Nothing in particular that bothered me

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)