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Sale price¥15,950
SIZE: W480mm × H310mm × D170mm WEIGHT: 570g MADE IN JAPAN
LIGHT TOTE Sale price¥15,950

Stand-alone tote with standard design

LIGHT TOTE is a classic tote bag that has been reconstructed with a WONDER BAGGAGE interpretation. Especially pay attention to various details to realize shape retention and independence.

Discerning specifications that enabled independence

Although it is a specification that is not very common for totes made in this way, the self-reliance is ensured by inserting a ball core into the gusset side. This core material adopts a high-strength material used for school bags. In addition, it is possible to secure a high shape retention force by running tape on the back side of the top and around the body of the main body. By standing on its own, it has an appearance that can be used in the business scene.

A handle that allows you to feel the change over time

The varistor nylon of the main body fabric is strong and can be used for a long time, so we use oiled leather for parts that can be used for a long time.

Storage capacity

A 13inch PC and accompanying mouse, adapter, cable, and external SDD drive. A4 size notebooks, document folders, long wallets, small items, and books. It also stores a pocketable jacket that is convenient when it's chilly. It's just the right amount of storage to store all of these.

The interior has two slit pockets that are convenient for sorting.

Front gusseted pocket with snap closure.

The main compartment also has a snap button to close the opening.

It has a business casual design that fits well even when used outdoors.

Three types of daypack, tote, and waist bag are available. You can choose the most suitable model according to your application.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

・Things I like: The length of the handle is so long that I can put it on my shoulder even when I'm wearing a coat.
(Excerpt from user questionnaire)

I'm satisfied

I was looking for a sturdy, lightweight tote bag. Sturdy material allows it to stand on its own. I like the fact that it can hold a lot of luggage and the uniform black design.


・Good place It stands on its own. If there are two, the depth should be different.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)

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