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brand story

Concept of manufacturing

rationality and curiosity

A tool called a bag must be rational. The reason for its existence is to store the tools necessary for people to move and fulfill their goals. The purpose of the bag determines its shape, number of pockets, size, how to carry it, and detailed specifications. Of course, the material is also one of the major components of a bag. The form and material of a bag are determined by the required function (purpose). This is exactly what American architect Louis Sullivan said, ``Form follows function.''

Bags are also tools that are closely related to people's daily lives. The Dulles bag was originally called the doctor's bag because it was used by doctors for house calls. People who carry a maison brand bag express their status. Bags, like clothes, have become tools that reveal the person who carries them.

Human potential is forever limitless. However, as people grow older and acquire more knowledge and experience, they become less likely to feel the excitement they had when they were children. And before you know it, you'll become an adult who fits into the box, closing off your possibilities. Curiosity creates new possibilities for people. When I was a child, I couldn't see the world, so everything was a new discovery for me. I believed in myself. My curiosity about the unknown, and my challenge to it, created a new me.

WONDER BAGGAGE has the rational functionality of a bag, but we also want it to be a companion for the person who wears it to create a new version of themselves. We will walk through our lives together, grow old together, and enjoy each other's experiences together. And the memories accumulated when looking back. I want the bag to show meaning as a tool to confirm who I am.

Commitment to domestic production

Our development continues to focus on the user's purpose and extracts the necessary elements that can be seen from there. Think about what design is that is not commoditized. We are extremely particular about materials and parts, and we make repeated adjustments to the pattern design millimeter by millimeter, creating many prototypes. In order to embody what Mies van der Rohe called ``God is in the details,'' which conveys the slightest nuances and realizes the form you envision, it is important to understand what is happening in Japan, where we live. It is necessary to continue creating.

WONDER BAGGAGE aims to create bags that not only have the rationality of a bag, but also have invisible value such as the distance and attachment between the bag and the person that comes with use. I plan on doing everything I can to achieve that goal.