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Sale price¥21,780
SIZE: W320mm x H230mm x D60mm Belt dimensions: Maximum 118cm Minimum 88cm (including metal fittings) WEIGHT: Body 582g MADE IN JAPAN
SHOULDER M Sale price¥21,780

A4 shoulder bag that can hold a tablet

When I thought about what the shoulder bag standard for adults should be, I hypothesized that the decisive factor would be the sizing. It is not enough to have a large storage area, but the structure, size and silhouette are designed with the convenience of the user in mind. That is the answer of "GOODMANS SHOULDER".

Shoulder bag for those who understand the essence

Functionality that makes the most of materials and construction in a round form that has been remade many times. We put the essence of a shoulder bag in the unexpected storage capacity and usability, and the materials that get used to it as you use it for a long time.

All domestic. Barrister nylon and thick vegetable leather.

Domestic materials and production areas as much as possible. By combining advanced sewing technology and high-quality materials, we aim to create an essential shoulder bag for adults. By improving the material and stitching quality, it will endure long-term use, and in other words, it will become a bag that is close to your life.

It has two slit pockets on the front.

The ultra-thick leather used for the strap maintains its robustness without losing its shape, and the more you use it, the deeper it becomes.

The back pocket has a snap button, so you can feel secure when you put things in.

There is a zippered pocket inside that can hold a slightly larger bi-fold wallet.

Two slit pockets are arranged, which is convenient when sorting small items such as keys and earphones.


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Customer reviews

Based on 3 reviews
very good!

It is very easy to use because it contains everything you need, such as a wallet, key case, mobile battery, and cigarettes. The outside pocket can be taken out immediately and is easy to use.


・Good points wThe zipper is well made, so it is easy to open and close with one hand. It is convenient that there are four outside pockets.
・Points that bothered me I want you to lighten the weight of the bag a little more.
The slanting string is long, and the excess part is fastened with black hair rubber. As an option fee is fine, I would like you to make it shorter or add a part that can be fastened like a ring.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)


・Good points Shoulder M has a wallet in the inner pocket, and there is plenty of room to put a folding umbrella and a notebook in the main storage, and it feels like it has a lot of capacity even though it is compact. In addition, the length of the shoulder is around the waist, so it is easy to take out. I use the 3way WR when I go on business trips, and it's easy to use because I can store shirts separately and there are many pockets for easy storage. I also like that it can be used as a backpack while traveling and as a business bag during business meetings.
・Points that bothered me Probably because the zipper is metal and a little large, I think it would be even better if the point that makes a clattering sound when walking is improved.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)