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Sale price¥32,450
SIZE: W400mm × H295mm × D70mm WEIGHT: Body 852g, shoulder belt 138g MADE IN JAPAN
MG BUSINESS BAG Sale price¥32,450

beautiful round silhouette briefs

Urethane is sandwiched throughout the main body to ensure the firmness and independence required for a business bag. By focusing on detailed specifications and parts, we have added just the right amount of tension and luxury that is suitable for business settings.

Form with rounded corners to ease formality

While the high-quality materials and round form alleviate the formality, the detailed specifications and parts such as the genuine leather round handle, Everbright zipper, and ball core on the side of the main unit are suitable for business occasions. Produce a sense of tension and luxury.

Genuine leather round handle

By attaching a round handle, the burden on the hand is reduced, and it is designed so that you can carry it for a long time without feeling stress. This part is produced in Toyooka, one of Japan's leading production areas for bags, where factories with top-class technology are gathered.

Storage capacity

A 13inch PC and accompanying mouse, adapter, cable, and external SDD drive. A4 size notebooks, document folders, long wallets, small items, and books. It's just the right amount of storage to store everything.

It has a pocket that can hold a Macbook pro 14 inch PC, and a shoulder strap that can be worn diagonally.

The inside of the bag has a gusset and is designed to prevent the contents of the bag from falling out.

Uses EVERBRIGHT®, a high-grade fastener that shines and slides.

It has a D-ring for attaching a shoulder strap and can be stored away when not needed.

Since it has bottom tacks, it can be placed directly on the floor or the ground.


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Customer reviews

Based on 18 reviews

・Good points: The strength of the waist to stand on their own ・Points that bothered me: Nothing in particular

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)

Satisfied with the product

Design is the best. It's big enough, but it's light, and the green inside is stylish and I like it very much.
What was very disappointing was that the newspaper used for the cushioning material was a page with sexual descriptions of a sports newspaper that was sold at a station kiosk, even if it was 100% better than that. . Packing that doubts the quality of the product. Even though it is a cushioning material, it might have been better to think a little about the image of the product.

Thank you for your review.
We are very happy to hear that you liked the MG business bag.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cushioning material.
We will strive to improve the selection of cushioning materials by consulting with the factory. Thank you for your valuable opinion.

durable anyway

・Good points It's been 4 years since I bought it. I use it every day for commuting, but the nylon fabric keeps its luster and doesn't lose its shape. The handle has aged nicely.
・Points that bothered me: The nylon fabric is too strong, and the zipper part may be overloaded, so I replaced it after the third year. is using
There is Merideme, but the overall satisfaction is high.

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