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X-pac 3WAY

Sale price¥29,700
SIZE: W450mm x H320mm x D90mm MATERIAL: X-pac, 420D nylon WEIGHT: 834g MADE IN JAPAN
X-pac 3WAY
X-pac 3WAY Sale price¥29,700

The lightest class of 3WAY briefs

The "X-pac" series, a bag line for users who want to balance business and sports, uses the high-performance material "X-pac" that is lightweight, waterproof, and self-supporting. A pocket large enough to hold a pair of shoes is placed so that you can easily sweat on your way home from work. The lightest 800g level in 3WAY briefs. You can be active in any situation without losing your personality.

Special pocket that does not bulge out

In addition to the main compartment of the main body, there is a large zipper pocket that can hold a pair of shoes. Normally, when you put a large item in a bag, it bulges out, but this bag bulges inward, so it doesn't affect the appearance. Therefore, even if you wear gym shoes after work, you will not lose your smart impression at the place you visit.

Self-supporting performance and waterproof performance essential for business

X-pac is characterized by being "lightweight" and "elastic" enough to stand on its own even if there is nothing inside. High-denier materials such as ballistic nylon have the advantage of being strong and stiff, but have the disadvantages of being thick and heavy. X-pac has a multi-layered structure, and by sandwiching a special X-shaped high-strength polyester called "X-PLY®︎" with a waterproof film, it is a modern business person who is "lightweight, independent and waterproof". has the functionality required for

The zipper material of the sub-pocket uses a slippery vislon zipper.

The shoulder strap is designed to be retractable.

A pocket that can store a 13-inch PC is installed inside.

The slit pocket is made of mesh material and stretches, so you can put an adapter with a gusset.

The handle has a handle belt that keeps the handle together. Because it is leather, it is familiar to the hand and contributes to ease of holding.


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Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I have high hopes for his future success.

Purchase a new laptop.
I was planning to buy a case for my computer, but I ended up with this bag considering how to carry it around.
Although the budget exceeded the original plan, it was a product that I thought was good to buy as a result.
Even if you put documents, files, etc. in addition to a PC, the bag does not swell and gives a very smart impression.
The bag itself is light, and the fabric is firmer than I expected.
I can expect activity in various scenes by ON/OFF.


・Good points The size is good.
・I was worried about the durability of the backpack string. D type zipper is better. The leather that wraps around the handle looks cheap.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)