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Sale price¥26,400
SIZE: W310mm × H420mm × D90mm WEIGHT: 710g MADE IN JAPAN
SHIELD WR Sale price¥26,400

Business rucksack for rain

Business rucksack with high mobility and functionality. Equipped with a waterproof pocket with a drainage function that can be stored while wet, common to the WR series. Functionality that responds to ever-changing weather conditions and a thin gusset like a business. However, the smart expression that can be used on the street eliminates the boundary between on and off.

Sensible cross pockets

The iconic front pocket can be accessed to another pocket on the left and right. One side is equipped with waterproof and drainage functions, and can store wet umbrellas and raincoats.

Intuitive ease of use for a slim rucksack

Shield WR incorporates affordance design into the interior. There is a mesh pocket on the front and a clear pocket on the back, and gadget items such as batteries with gussets are in the mesh pocket. You can intuitively sort items such as documents that you want to see at a glance in the clear pocket.

Storage capacity

A 13inch PC and accompanying mouse, adapter, cable, and external SDD drive. Small items such as cables can be stored in the interior mesh pocket and clear pocket. A4 size notebooks, document folders, small items, and pocketable jackets that come in handy when it's chilly. It's just the right amount of storage to store everything. (Since the PC pocket is not installed, we recommend using a special case when storing the PC.)

A clear pocket is installed inside, so you can store important items such as airplane boarding passes and passports where they can be seen.

The side pockets can store keys, business card holders, etc.

The bottom of the front cross pocket has a drainage function so that it is safe to store rain gear.

It's a simple design, but I'm particular about the details of the shoulder parts and sewing.

Leather is used for the handle and zipper on the top of the bag, so you can enjoy the change over time.


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I use it for commuting

I was looking for a backpack when I was transferred, and the business bag I bought before was good, so I was interested in Wonder Baggage's backpack. And since it goes well with a suit, it had to have a simple appearance. It's the best backpack for me because of those three important points. There is also a side pocket where you can put a case. is a plus point It is a business rucksack that I really want to recommend