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Sale price¥17,600
SIZE: W280mm × H430mm × D150mm WEIGHT: 495g MADE IN JAPAN
LIGHT PACK Sale price¥17,600

Good-quality day pack of the standard design

The daypack, which has become a staple in the bag category, has been reviewed from scratch and reinterpreted from the perspective of WONDER BAGGAGE. By searching for a structure that does not easily lose its shape when carried, and by making it simple, it has become the lightest daypack in the GOODMANS series.

A beautiful silhouette that can be carried on your back

In a daypack that tends to lose its shape, we improved the shape retention by devising the structure and materials of the front surface. It prevents the bag from losing its shape when carried on the back, making it possible to maintain its beautiful shape.

Simple specifications without waste

The main storage part has no pockets or partitions, and is designed to be as simple as possible. By doing so, the lightest daypack in the series weighing less than 500g. There are a total of 3 pockets on the front and both sides, so it is simple but has all the necessary functions.

Storage capacity

A 13inch PC and accompanying mouse, adapter, cable, and external SDD drive. Bulky items with gussets can be stored together in the pouch. A4 size notebooks, document folders, small items, and pocketable jackets that come in handy when it's chilly. There was still a little room to store everything. (Since the PC pocket is not installed, we recommend using a special case when storing the PC.)

The easy-to-access sub-pockets have a large storage capacity.

The wide gusset and large sub-pocket can hold a tablet about the size of an iPad mini.

The side pocket can hold a 500ml PET bottle.

Although it is simple to make, we are particular about the iconic tape material on the front and the details of parts and sewing.

Leather handles are also used for the main double-opening zipper, so you can enjoy the change over time.


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Customer Reviews

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・良いところ サイドのポケット。DAYPACKにはなかった構造につき,傘や水筒に多用。
・気になった点 満足



・良いところ ポケットが前側についており、しっかりしたファスナーがあるため、安心。
・気になった点 特になし。