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[Keibunsha collaboration model] BUTTERO-Business card holder

Sale price¥12,650
・Card pocket: 1
・Card slot: 1
SIZE: Width 110mm x Height 75mm x Thickness 20mm
*Due to the external dimensions, the actual size may differ slightly.
Made in Japan
[Keibunsha collaboration model] BUTTERO-Business card holder
[Keibunsha collaboration model] BUTTERO-Business card holder Sale price¥12,650

A collaboration with the famous bookstore "Keibunsha." A business card holder made from the finest materials.

The basic design features a distinctive flap. The sophisticated parts make it an ideal accessory for Wonder Baggage, improving usability beyond imagination. Available in a limited color for the collaboration model.

Engraved with Keibunsha's beloved original illustrations

The illustration of a cat with glasses engraved on the Keibunsha special order model is by artist Hirose Beni.

The "Glasses Cat" is stamped on the paper bags that products are usually packed in and on cardboard boxes used for delivery, so anyone who has used Keibunsha may have seen it at least once.

By engraving the "Glasses Cat" that is familiar to customers as well as staff, it has become a special item unique to WONDER BAGGAGE and Keibunsha.

Author: Beni Hirose

Painter, manga artist, and clay artist. He began his artistic career in 1999, mainly in Kyoto.

He is active in a wide range of fields, including illustrating picture books, manga serials, and product packaging.

He is an artist who has a close relationship with Keibunsha, having held his first exhibition at the company's gallery, and has since worked on signs and the handwritten logo for the company's website.

The unique and adorable creatures that live in Hirose Beni's head are vividly depicted with a soft touch and vivid colors.

Her unique worldview, which is unique to her and is immersed in her cuteness, is so charming that it's hard not to become engrossed in it.


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