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Sale price¥25,300
SIZE: W340mm × H360mm × D115mm WEIGHT: 660g MADE IN JAPAN
INVISIBLE TOTE WR Sale price¥25,300

The best size tote for men and women and work

A simple tote bag that can be used by both men and women, with a waterproof and drainage pocket where you can store wet items as they are. The fabric with waterproof performance and special functions that match the torrential rains caused by the subtropical climate and the ever-changing weather conditions fit the modern way of working.

Two multifunctional pockets are placed while maintaining a smart look.

On the left and right gussets, there are pockets with a drainage function that can hold a wet folding umbrella or a plastic bottle with condensation. It does not wet the contents and does not collect water.

adult elegance style

The glossy texture and elegant and simple design make you feel the elegance of adults. With a very simple exterior, we layered samples to create a design that is easy to match with business, casual, and even men and women.

Storage capacity

A 13inch PC and accompanying mouse, adapter, cable, and external SDD drive. A4 size notebooks, document folders, long wallets, small items, and books. Umbrella can be stowed in the side independent drainage pocket. There was a little room to store everything, so it seems that a plastic bottle or a pocketable jacket can be stored. (Since the PC pocket is not installed, we recommend using a special case when storing the PC.)

I install a pocket with a fastener on both sides. 500ml PET bottles can be stored.

The side pocket is a pocket with a drainage function, so you can store a wet folding umbrella.

The opening is wide and large, so you can store your PC and documents without stress.

The interior has a pocket that can sort smartphones and wallets.

The glossy texture and elegant and simple design make you feel the elegance of adults. It can be used regardless of whether it is on or off or gender.


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Customer reviews

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Thank you for the good encounter!

This is a review of the stage before you pick up the product and start using it.

Up until now, I've always used a small all-leather Boston, so my first impression of the "CITYTIME INVISIBLE TOTE WR" is that it's light, made of sturdy materials, and compact (with a moderate gusset width). .

It was a happy miscalculation that the “iPad Air 4th generation 10.9 inch” could fit comfortably in the rear torso pocket.
The button can be fastened properly, and I like the Cinderella fit, which can be said to be a dedicated pocket.

In the luggage compartment, I put two large pouches for gadgets and small items such as eye drops and masks, and an A4 size file vertically. There is still room in the upper part, and a thin cardigan can fit in without problems.

The gusset pocket on the side can hold a folding umbrella and a plastic bottle, and the structure makes it easy to decide which seat to use for your luggage.

I haven't actually gone out yet, just put my things in it, but I think it's a wonderful bag that combines functionality and sophistication.

Looking forward to using it tomorrow!