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Sale price¥16,500
SIZE: W310mm × H415mm × D170mm WEIGHT: Body 880g MADE IN JAPAN
DAYPACK NEO Sale price¥16,500

A tough and functional daypack

The presence of varistor nylon with ultimate durability and thick shrink leather. WONDER BAGGAGE's new daypack is the answer to the classic outdoor taste and the modern day functions of carrying your PC, gadgets, and change of clothes anywhere.

Connecting the classic outdoor with the modern

A dignified modern design with a core that does not lose its shape and a classic outdoor style that uses luxurious leather on the bottom of the bag called Hakama. The iconic appearance in terms of styling is indispensable for long-lasting use, such as durability and shape retention.

Functions of natural flow lines that match lifestyles

Put down your bag at the cafe, store your things, and take out your PC. Functions that allow you to perform daily activities without stress in modern lifestyles, such as taking out your wallet from the sub-pocket at the cash register, or throwing a PET bottle into the side pocket while it is still dewy. It is made with the flow line in mind.

Storage capacity

Although it looks compact, the bottom is wide and can hold not only your wallet, pen case, handkerchief, and pouch for small items, but also B6 size books, plastic bottles, and folding umbrellas.
Even with the above items inside, there is still plenty of room to store additional jackets and blankets.

The varistor nylon and the details that make the entire bag stand on its own give it a firmer appearance and shape retention than a typical backpack.

The bottom is reinforced with thick tannin leather. You can enjoy the aging of the leather by making it feel like a classic outdoor.

The compact body is equipped with a wide gusset, and the storage capacity is large.

We use the brand's original pull handle and are also particular about the parts.

Mesh material is used under the side pockets, so it is breathable and does not collect condensation or rain.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

・Good points The sub-pocket is large enough to fit a large iPad.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)


・Good points Smoothness and design of storage and chuck ・Points of interest This is good because it is easy to use.

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)


・Good points: The feeling of carrying it on your back feels good ・Points that bothered me: None

(Excerpt from 2022 user survey)

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