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Sale price¥39,600
SIZE: W270mm × H420mm × D45→75mm WEIGHT: Body 1050g MADE IN JAPAN
DEVICE SACK Sale price¥39,600

16 inch macbook compatible business rucksack

Compartment designed to conform to the maximum size of Apple devices. Multiple gusseted pockets suitable for storing bulky peripherals such as gadgets and adapters. The ultimate business rucksack specializing in device storage.

16inch Macbook pro can be stored

A maximum of 16-inch laptop can be stored based on Apple's Macbook. In addition, it comes with an inner PC cushion that uses extra-thick urethane, giving you a sense of security when carrying your important device.

tablet pocket

Apart from the main compartment, the front of the main unit is equipped with a large pocket that can hold a 12.9 inch iPad pro. The interior uses a suede-like microfiber material to protect the device from scratches.

The PC pocket stores an inner PC bag made of extra-thick urethane.

With two gusseted gadget pockets, there's plenty of room for bulky peripherals.

The front pocket that can store a tablet uses a soft microfiber material for the interior.

The side pockets can store not only gadgets, but also A4 size documents and notebooks.

The two iconic front pockets also have gussets to accommodate bulky items with plenty of room to spare.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
great sense of security

Both the main body and the pocket have gussets, so it has more storage capacity than it looks. I carry a notebook PC and a mobile monitor, but the contents are well protected.

Only one point is how to close the front flap pocket. The buttons are so small that they are difficult to fasten.

However, as a whole, I like it as a smart bag with a great sense of security and stability. When I sit on the train, I often put my bag on my knees and look at my smartphone with my elbows on top of it, but (even without a PC etc. inside), it's a type that tends to be found in thin bags. I don't feel any signs of it collapsing at all, and I think I can use it for a long time with the design I liked at that time.

high chew

Due to the corona sickness, I was working on a desktop PC at the company, but I was provided with a mobile PC and a sub-screen, and 90% of them were at home. Originally, I liked leather, so I put it in my handbag and carried it with me on occasional commutes, but I gave up on it because it was too heavy and hurt my wrist. This brand, which I have been interested in for a long time, released a backpack that met my needs, so I bought it for commuting.
The mobile PC is inside the main unit, the sub-screen is in the tablet space outside, and the cables are stored in the two outermost pockets. Since there are other luggage, the basic gusset width is widened.

Good point It is easy to use because the function is specialized for the purpose. Nylon has a luxurious feel. I thought it would be difficult to carry because it is angular, but on the contrary, it is so easy to carry that you don't feel the weight. The inner PC case is sturdy and seems to be strong against shocks (I used a briefing PC case separately, but it is no longer necessary).
The handle on the top is made of leather, making it easy to hold.

regrettable point
Since the PC and sub-screen are always stored (because they are sandwiched between hard objects), I cannot reach the bottom of the main unit storage when I put things in the two pockets inside the main unit. There was a moment when I wished I could open the main body chuck a little more.
It might have been cooler if the same leather as the handle was treated under the tablet pocket.
Overall, I would like to continue using it! !