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Introduction of repair cases

WONDER BAGGAGE accepts repairs for bags, and has a free repair guarantee that repairs are free of charge for damage within two years of purchase. In addition, customers who purchase at the flagship stores "BATON STORE" and "Struct" will be extended by one year to three years.

We will give you an example of a repair. If you are considering repair, please refer to it.

Repair example

2way repair

2way repair

Leather handle and bag wrap replacement

2way repair

Upholstery replacement

  • ・Product name: GOODMANS DAILY 2WAY TOTE: Navy
  • ・Repair points: Handle leather replacement, interior fabric replacement
  • ・Duration of use: About 4 years
  • ・Repair cost: About 13,000 yen (*The cost varies depending on the model and bag usage)

Since the leather used for the handle has been used for many years, it has deteriorated considerably over time, so we replaced the handle with a new one. The interior fabric had large holes on the left and right edges.
This scratch is expected to be caused by rubbing the corner when putting in and out documents such as files.

This was repaired by replacing the entire interior fabric. The repair period was about a month and a half because it was a little large-scale.

Since damage or replacement due to aging due to use is not covered by the free repair warranty, we have paid for it, including replacement of the interior fabric and replacement of the handle.

We also accept repairs outside the warranty repair period, so please feel free to contact us.

Click here for repair inquiries