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A few tools and
Carry your curiosity in your bag.
Let's start doing what we wanted to do.

The concept is "lighter".
The three models that support your curiosity are simple and lightweight designs using varistor nylon.

It makes me want to throw my tools in and go right away.
Introducing three stories of GOODMANS LIGHT SERIES that are reflected in each landscape.

I finally closed the first big project I was assigned. Last night was a great success and we celebrated with the rest of the team.

It was a sunny weekend when I woke up feeling tired and satisfied, my body craving the sun and clean air. So today I decided to head to the park in the morning, make some coffee, and read the book I was finishing up.

I've been wearing flannel shirts, jeans, and sneakers since I was in college.
Then I threw my stuff into the GOODMANS LIGHT TOTE.

A table and chairs were set up under the pleasant shade of a tree.
The time has finally come for the grinder that I bought for camping someday but haven't used for a while to be put to use!

The beans that the local coffee shop roasts in-house are lightly roasted and fruity. Freshly brewed coffee is especially soothing for a tired body.

A book I read while drinking coffee. This was the first book I read when I became interested in folk art philosophy.

There is a reason for the shapes that are created even by nameless tools.

When I think that the tools I use are designed by anonymous masters, I want to find meaning in them.

A bag that creates beauty and attachment

This tote bag is by no means a flashy design.
However, while maintaining the basics as a tote,
Perhaps there is a ``beauty of use'' in the form that incorporates the necessary elements.

What was put into the tools was not only their functionality, but also their purpose.
I think that the "attachment" that develops over time is also attached at the same time.
My holiday time passed with these thoughts in mind.

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This camp started when I was a student.
It's nice to gather around a fire with like-minded friends, but lately I've started camping solo from time to time.

This may be due to the influence of Jon Krakauer's ``Into the Wilderness,'' which I read last year.

Used bikes always require a lot of maintenance, but they are the perfect companion for solo camping.

I strapped the tent to the back and used the GOODMANS LIGHT PACK, another companion I acquired this year, for the bare minimum of equipment.
Light and durable, but has more storage capacity than I expected.

Now you're ready.
Turn off your cell phone and say goodbye to the world for a while.

I arrived at a small campsite in the mountains that I had been eyeing for some time.
As expected, it was deserted and not popular.

There are no situations in daily life where you can be alone.
It was the right decision to take the plunge and jump out.
I feel like I can have a peaceful time here.
Empty your mind and do nothing.

You can hear the chirping of wild birds and the murmuring of the river.
Sometimes the sounds of wild animals can be heard coming from the distant mountains.

Take a bird's-eye view of your existence.
I feel like I can somehow understand the meaning of the words ``one is all'' and all is one.

A sturdy and active bag

This daypack has been treated roughly.
Although it is called "for day use", it has more storage capacity than I expected.
He put together the minimalist camp that I wanted in a "good way".

I want to go there just because I'm alone.
Feel free to go out whenever you feel like it.
Such a dynamic partner.

No matter if it's on the ground or gets caught in a tree, the strength of the ballister nylon means it won't give up.
I don't know how long it will last, but
I hope we can continue to be together.

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When I say I like watching birds, it's funny how most people look at me as if a pigeon just got hit by a peacock.
No, it's true. When I explain that my hobby is bird watching, most people give me an ambiguous expression and say, "Huh...".

In any case, it's been three years since I started this hobby, which was recommended to me by a friend.

Today, I put my binoculars and pocket bird guide in my Goodmans Waist Bag and headed out to the nearby riverbed.
Although it's small, it can store binoculars securely, and of course leaves both hands free.
Birds can't keep up with my pace, so a bag that supports quick movements is very convenient.

The breeze on the riverbed in the early morning is pleasant.
At this time of the day, the birds are chatting lively.

Listen to the chirping.
I started noticing the voices of various birds that had never even occurred to me until I started birdwatching.

Identify the types of birds with a pocket-sized bird encyclopedia in hand.
Great tit, Japanese warbler, white-eye, and white-eye.
A swallow that heralds the coming of spring.

Birds can be found in any season, time of day, or location, spring, summer, fall, or winter. Very close to me.

I feel that coming into contact with nature enriches my life.
Entertainment that doesn't require TV or internet.
All you need is the bare minimum of tools and curiosity.

A bag that makes you feel light

I want to act as soon as I have an idea.
The same goes for when you go bird watching.

If you bring it empty-handed, you'll have a lot to carry, but you don't need a big bag.
I was looking for a bag like this that could hold the bare essentials.

The quickness of being able to take out the bird encyclopedia by rotating it around the front while hanging it on the sash is also appealing.
Which spot should we head to next?

Click here for details on WAIST BAG

A few tools and some curiosity.
Try what you want to do.
It provides an opportunity to reexamine yourself and find a new you.

Human imagination is limitless.
Human potential is limitless.
Create your future self from your current self.
I feel attached to it as a companion and a tool.

As such a bag

In addition, a large tote bag that is useful for outdoor scenes is now available.
We will introduce the characteristics of "CAMP TOOL BAG", which combines the LIGHT SERIES concept of "lightweight" and "a bag that boosts curiosity", along with a story.

When I was young, I didn't have any real sense of what insurance salespeople used to say, ``change in life stage.''
As I got married and had a child, the words people around me used to me changed like a gradation, and I gradually came to terms with the idea of ​​``changes in life stages''.

The most obvious change is the change in transportation from motorcycles to cars.
There's no change in the way they're both worn out, but maybe that's just who they are.

As I play with my children in the abundant nature, away from the city, I nostalgically recall the comfort of camping alone. It's like nostalgia.
However, he doesn't have time to wallow in nostalgia and prepares a lunch space for his family.

You can roughly put things into CAMP TOOL TOTE.
A large table that was unnecessary for one person, as well as two or more folding chairs.

Someday, when this child grows up, he may feel nostalgic about the present and think back on it.
While carrying a heavy burden, his lips slightly turned upward as he chewed on his current location.

A bag that can hold your precious present

The opening and capacity allow for rough and large items.
Waterproof and stain-proof tarpaulin on the bottom. Being able to place it anywhere without worrying is a must-have feature when you go out with your kids and keep an eye on them.

There are also small pockets inside.

I think it will be a good companion someday when I go out on my own, feeling nostalgic, after I'm done with my child.

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