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Recommended bags by style

New life. New members of society have new feelings in their hearts. There are also people who take the opportunity of changing jobs to take on a challenge in a new industry.
This is the time when everyone starts thinking about preparations for a new life.

When you belong to a company, TPO is a concern. I believe that these words do not necessarily refer to "rules," but rather to show consideration for the other person.

Suit style, casual style. Bags that are easy to match with your company's style,
I would also like to introduce you to the impression I leave on others.

formal style

Set up suit and tie.

For a style suitable for formal occasions, it is important that the bag retains its shape.

The independence and appearance of the bag when placed on it are also important points. If you choose a briefcase that gives you a sense of dignity, you won't go wrong, and you may be able to worry about the amount of storage.

[1st place] Briefcase

A briefcase-type bag with high durability has a class that is suitable for formal occasions.

Items with studs on the bottom are highly self-supporting and look beautiful and impressive when placed on the floor. If the nylon material has leather parts, match the color with the accessories.

[2nd place] 3WAY briefs

Many briefcases are smart, and depending on the industry, they can be filled with a lot of materials.

On the other hand, your smart appearance may turn out to be your enemy.

In such cases, choosing something with a high storage capacity, such as a 3-way briefcase, can handle a variety of situations.

[3rd place] Backpack

Recently, backpack-type bags are being used in more and more business situations, such as their well-shaped silhouettes and 3-way briefs.

However, compared to the briefcase type, it still gives a slightly more casual impression.

If possible, it is best to choose a solid color, black.

business casual

jacket on shirt. No tie, and pants can be worn in a wide range of styles, from slacks to denim.

There is no strict definition of business casual, but cleanliness and a smart silhouette are a must.

When it comes to matching bags, we recommend a combination that gives you a sense of smartness and relaxation.

[1st place] 3WAY briefs

Storage capacity and mobility that can also be used as a backpack. It doesn't look as simple as a briefcase, so it goes well with business casual attire.

Even in terms of industry, she is a versatile player who can adapt to a wide range of styles from office work to outside meetings, so she can be matched with styles that are reasonable.

[2nd place] Tote bag

The 2-way tote bag has a relaxed feel, but if you keep the design simple and classic, it will perfectly match your formal style.

The important points are the texture and silhouette. If you pay attention to the details of not being too relaxed, it will become a versatile player that can be used in both daily life and work.

[3rd place] Backpack

A simple box type is good, but why not expand your options to an elegant backpack type that retains its shape and has slightly larger pockets on the outside?

A backpack that can be used for business with great attention to detail has a high storage capacity, and depending on the type of business, it may look more fashionable and make a good impression than a briefs type.


An extension of everyday wear. Casual wear can also be considered formal wear when it comes to work that allows you to express yourself.

As for the bag that goes with it, it is appropriate to choose a bag that matches your style; on the other hand, a formal style item such as a briefcase may look out of place.

However, even for casual wear, if you choose a bag that retains its shape, it will be suitable for any occasion and will be useful.

[1st place] Backpack

If you choose one with a wide gusset and strong maintenance, it will stand up to itself and maintain a silhouette that is appropriate for meetings and other external events.

If you know what you like to wear and match it, your daily life and work will be seamless and hassle-free.

[2nd place] Tote bag

So-called business 2-way totes may lack the casual detail, but whether or not they suit you will be determined by your clothing taste (for example, whether it's neatly styled or whether you're more into outdoor activities).

A business tote is perfect for its beautiful styling.

[3rd place] 3WAY briefs

The 3WAY brief is a versatile player. Although it has a simple box-shaped silhouette, it is not too minimalistic and matches casual wear.

If you occasionally wear formal wear, it may be a good idea to choose 3-way briefs instead of a backpack.

impression of color



The combination of NAVY and CAMEL leather gives a stylish impression among the standard black business bags.

Navy is a standard for business bags, and as long as you match it with the leather color of your accessories, you won't be surprised to choose the color of your suit, making it surprisingly easy to use.

Bright camel, which is an accent color in the standard, is a combination that represents WONDER BAGGAGE, adding a little excitement to everyday life and adding wonder to the stylized everyday life.


The combination of single colors is chic. It is a classic coloring that stands out in its simplicity and is versatile for suit styles.

What you want to pay attention to at that time is the feel of the material. That's why you should pay close attention to the details created by different materials such as nylon, leather, and zippers, even if they are of the same color, are combined inside the bag. The black color makes a difference in the details because it is a versatile classic.

The so-called "luxury" is not only about the quality of each material and construction, but also about the sense of balance in the combination of different materials.


The combination of navy and dark brown leather does not have as much contrast as NAVY, giving it a calming impression.

The NAVY body is not as formal as BLACK and can be worn with any suit color, giving a slightly softer impression to the suit style when set up.

This coloring, which is often supported by women, is liked by a wide range of people and gives a calm, mature impression without being formal.

For those who want to know more about the business bag that suits them, the content below introduces bags suitable for different purposes and occasions, such as those suitable for business trips and those with pockets for laptops. Please use this information to find the bag that is best for you.