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Buses are convenient! Bus access to struct


Bus route between Osaka station and struct

  • Time required: About 15 minutes door-to-door
  • Transportation fee: 210 yen

First, depart from the South Exit of JR Osaka Station.

The south exit may not be the most obvious, but when you go out, there are shops such as Manneken, Gozasourou, and Beard Papa on your right, and 551 on your left is the south exit.

When you exit the south exit, the bus rotary is right in front of you.

There are various routes, but if you take the "75 Namba line" pointed by Harada store manager in the photo below, you can't go wrong.

Kyomachibori 1-chome is the nearest bus stop to struct.

If you come by train, it will take about 17 minutes if you wait for the departure from JR Osaka Station → Nishi-Umeda → Higobashi Station → struct, and it will take a little over 10 minutes on foot, so it feels far away.

If it's a bus, it's as simple as JR Osaka station → bus → struct (required time 15 minutes)! And it's convenient because you don't have to walk a lot.

Aiming for struct from Namba Station

  • Time required: About 13 minutes door-to-door
  • Transportation fee: 210 yen

A bus rotary near Nankai Namba Station, which is easily accessible from various subways.

Take the 75 route bus departing from bus stop 6 in front of Takashimaya.

Get off at Kyomachibori-itchome Station. It takes about 3 minutes on foot from here.

Please take advantage of the convenient bus access.