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The Inoue Brothers...

"Muffler" and "Gloves" using alpaca wool from the new select item "The Inoue Brothers..." are available at BATON STORE.

I would like to introduce part of the charm of The Inoue Brothers, who are strong and full of charm.

It's not just about collecting good materials

The Inoue Brothers... alpaca wool is directly traded from alpaca farmers in Peru, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the best quality in the world.

The feel of wool is determined by the fineness of the fibers, but The Inoue Brothers... items use high-quality alpaca wool, which has a fineness close to (or equal to) that of cashmere. For example, alpaca wool such as royal alpaca and baby alpaca, of which only a few percent can be harvested from each animal, is as precious as a jewel.

High-quality alpaca wool with a unique smooth feel and a beautiful sheen. Baby alpaca, in particular, has a delicate texture but does not pill easily, making it the perfect material for daily use and perfect for mufflers.

The Inoue Brothers items that use such high-quality materials, however, are not only made of high-quality alpaca wool, but are products with an identity that can only be found in their items .

A product created by changing the mechanism

The area where Peruvian alpaca farmers live was one of the most poverty-stricken areas in South America.

Intermediaries that handle the alpaca wool produced by the indigenous people purchase the wool by weight, regardless of quality, and then distribute the wool according to quality. There was a structural problem that it was not

(This is only a structural problem and does not mean that intermediaries are evil.)

The Inoue Brothers has partnered with an alpaca research institute in Peru to address these issues, provide appropriate lectures to farmers, teach high-quality wool sorting methods, and directly return profits to farmers through direct transactions. , I went to fix the mechanism.

The products they create have a strong sense of purpose that is easy to describe as a story. And, of course, high quality is naturally produced there.

acquire an identity

The Inoue Brothers' slogan, "Changing the world with fashion," refers to fashion as an individual's identity.

It is not just a superficial style, it is a product with a strong power that makes you feel excited when you wear it.

More than just reasonable prices and quality that satisfies everyone, BATON STORE's introduction of The Inoue Brothers is as strong as introducing our own products such as WONDER BAGGAGE and Tiny Formed. or meaningful.

The stance of The Inoue Brothers' manufacturing that has continued since before the word "sustainable" was born in the world seems to be changing the world.

two beautiful items

brushed scarf

11,000 yen (tax included) All 12 colors

The muffler is simple and can be worn with a suit for a formal look. Perfect for everyday use. The baby alpaca used is not a child's alpaca, but a high-quality alpaca wool with fine fibers that can only take about 10% of the alpaca wool. Unique smooth touch. It is resistant to pilling and has a robustness that can be used all year round.

It's as smooth as cashmere, and it doesn't irritate your neck, which is typical of wool.

Alpaca glove

12,100 yen (tax included) All 3 colors

Gloves with plenty of royal alpaca wool with a supreme feel, which is even smaller than baby alpaca. Because it looks chic, it looks easy to use regardless of whether it is on or off. Although it is basic, it corresponds to the smartphone operation necessary for modern times.

High-quality knitted gloves for adults are unisex and come in a variety of colors, making them a satisfying item for many people.

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Alpaca Wool Scarf -Brushed Scarf-Alpaca Wool Scarf -Brushed Scarf-