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Sample & Outlet

Uniformity of product quality is of course important.

However, in the many routes that products follow, such as "production, delivery, storage, and exhibition," scratches and stains occur to some extent. Also, due to the nature of dealing with natural leather, it is difficult to uniform the product, and there are items that are rejected in the quality check after the product is completed.

In addition, the final sample is almost the same as the product, and it is often archived after being used for photography and exhibition before production. , At an affordable price, this time we have an opportunity for customers to get their hands on it.

・Period: Until the end of February 2022

Caution: Non-returnable. Free repair is not available. Wrapping is not available.

・If you purchase regular items and outlet items together, they will be shipped separately due to the management location.

Sample & Outlet

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