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Article: Aging of varistor nylon -Comparison after 6 years of use-

Aging of varistor nylon -Comparison after 6 years of use-

Strength of varistor nylon

WONDER BAGGAGE uses varistor nylon, which is known for its extremely strong strength, as the main material for many of its products.
This material is perfect in terms of specifications, but how strong is it when it is actually used as a product? In order to convey its strength, we would like to introduce the excellent strength of varistor nylon by comparing a daypack that has been used for about 6 years and a brand new daypack.

1. How the staff used the daypack

Q How long is the usage period?
It's been six years already. I have always loved the early model.

Q How do you use it?
I use it at work, so I carry it on my back every day on weekdays. Also, since I commute by bicycle, I carry it on my back without worrying about light rain.

Q What is your daily care routine?
It's not really good, but it's a hassle, so basically I don't do anything. It's really not good, so please don't use it as a reference (laughs)
If the varistor nylon part gets dirty, it is enough to wipe it. Also, when it gets wet in the rain, I quickly wipe off the moisture. For the leather part, I occasionally applied cream while taking care of the leather shoes. Still, it's about once or twice a year. Please refer to [How to care for your bag] for proper care .

2. Comparison of changes in varistor nylon

The varistor nylon fabric is a little softer than the new one. Originally, it was made of a very firm and stiff material, but it seems that there is a change after using it for 6 years. Still enough stiffness remains to stand on its own.
There was also a slight change in color as well. It feels a little faded compared to new. It is thought that it is a change due to being exposed to plenty of ultraviolet rays while commuting by bicycle.
On the other hand, I didn't notice any changes other than that, and I didn't see any fraying or tearing on the surface of the fabric. It seems that you can still use it as an active duty.

*The tag has been changed from a white tag to a black tag.

*The tag has been changed from a white tag to a black tag.

3. Strength of other materials and sewing points

I hope you have understood the high strength of varistor nylon from the explanation so far. However, what we offer to everyone is a product, not a material. No matter how good the main material is, if other parts are fragile, it will not function as a bag. Therefore, I would like to tell you about the changes and strength of the thick oiled leather used on the bottom and other parts of the daypack as well as the sewing parts through comparison of this daypack.

Strength of thick oiled leather

The thick oiled leather used for the bottom and handles is characterized by being hard, durable, and hard to lose its shape. The daypack, which has been in use for 6 years, has only small scratches and no major damage, and it has not lost its shape. It can be said that it is a material with excellent strength similar to varistor nylon.
On the other hand, leather changes over time, while varistor nylon remains almost unchanged. As you can see from the image below, the color darkens as time passes, and a beautiful luster appears. By taking care of it, you can enjoy the original luster and aging of the leather.

*The leather on the handle is the part that you always touch when using it, so it ages more quickly than the leather on the bottom.

About the strength of the sewing part

The most stress is applied to the shoulder tapes that support all of the luggage and the sewn parts of the main body. When I checked the daypack I was using, there were some frayed threads, but there were no tears, so it seems that I can still use it without any problems. The fact that it did not break even after 6 years of use was stronger than we expected.

*There is some fraying of the thread, but there is no problem in using it.

*In order to increase the strength, the leather stitching that sandwiches the shoulder tape has been changed from 1 to 2.

However, unlike the materials we have introduced so far, depending on how you use it, the sewn parts are subject to a considerable amount of stress, and there is always a risk of breakage. In order to reduce this risk of damage as much as possible, we are working every day to review the design and improve inspection work, but it is also true that it is impossible to completely eliminate it.

4, free repair service

Therefore, WONDER BAGGAGE offers a "free repair service" that will repair it free of charge if it is damaged within 2 years of purchase. In addition, although it is a small amount, we have extended the free repair period by another year for customers who purchased from the official site "BATON STORE", and we are accepting free repair support for 3 years.
Of course, even if it has been more than 3 years, we still accept repairs, so please feel free to contact us if you have any damage or concerns.
* Damage caused by external factors is not covered. Please note.
*Depending on the extent and location of the damage, it may not be possible to repair. Please note.