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Article: Storage capacity of shoulder bags and pouches

Storage capacity of shoulder bags and pouches

A small shoulder bag that is useful for storing frequently used items such as wallets and smartphones, and a pouch that is convenient for storing miscellaneous goods and organizing the contents of your bag.

This time, we will pick up popular items such as bags and pouches at our store and introduce their storage capacity with videos.

Shoulder bag

We picked up 3 types of "Shoulder S", "Waist bag" and "Shoulder M" that are popular in our store and compared the storage capacity of each.

A total of 16 items such as books, A4 size notebooks, tablets such as iPad and Kindle, wallets, eco bags, earphones, and hand cream are available.

I actually stored it and compared how much it would fit in the 3 products. It may be easier to understand if you look at it while thinking about your personal belongings!

[Shoulder bag comparison video]

According to staff research, we introduce them in ascending order of storage capacity.

After actually storing it, I was again surprised by the size of the shoulder M. Please check the video to see how powerful it is!

A list of shoulder bags is this


Continuing from the shoulder bag, we also compared the storage capacity of the pouches that are convenient for organizing the inside of the bag. Here, in the image, we will introduce the main body and the contents inside together.

Pouch S is popular as a pen case, but it can also store stationery and care products such as hand cream and eye drops.
With a gusset of 50mm, you can easily store thick eyeglass cases and foldable mugs. It is also ideal for storing skin care products.
The B5 size flat pouch fits perfectly with chargers, cords, wireless mice, calculators, etc. Although there is no gusset, there is a proper storage capacity!

Pouches that are sure to be useful not only when traveling but also in everyday life.

We have various types of pouches in addition to those introduced above, so if you are interested, please check the list!

Click here for a list of pouches